Following your intuition is like dancing to a song

that nobody else can hear.

You’ve never quite fit in.
Oh, you can fake it, but in your heart of hearts,
you’ve always known you were meant for something a little bit different.
You’ve always known that you weren’t going to do things the same as everyone else around you.
You want to learn to listen to your own wisdom, to release fears that are holding you back,
and to feel like you’re living your life without regrets.

You want to start creating the life that feels just right for you.

Everyone’s got their own way of doing things.
My way? It’s all about intuition, and I can help you find yours.

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You’re invited to…

The Goldilocks Movement:

A year long virtual retreat for women learning to trust their intuition and find their own “just right.”


If you want to reconnect to your inner wisdom in a creative and fun way, and start creating a life that feels uniquely aligned with your deepest dreams, this virtual retreat, The Goldilocks Movement, is what you’re looking for.

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Success Stories…


The Goldilocks Movement is so perfect for me to be a part of right now as I find myself looking to my own intuition and actually being at one with it.

Thank you for your support in this and for creating a place of coming home to ourselves, because how powerful is that?!

– Natalie, Utah


The Goldilocks Movement was an unexpected gift! It was one of those “meant-to-be” things that I knew I needed to join.

Working with Iris is, in a word, amazing! Through her guided meditations, I’ve found and dealt with the reason I had shut down from fully developing that side of myself.

Iris is a wonderful person who listened and provided insight and suggestions as I needed them. Thank you again, Iris, for all your help!

– Suzanne, Arizona

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