iris-higgins-4I love to help women take a step back from the craziness in their heads

and the chaos outside of them

and get real clarity

on their next step in life.

Learn how to figure out your next step in your health journey by ignoring the rules and following your own intuition. 

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I’m Iris Higgins

and I’m a hypnotherapist and past life regression specialist with a master’s degree in psychology and a background in nutrition and weight loss coaching.

Credentials aside?

I just love to help women become the best versions of themselves.

After getting my master’s degree in psychology from New York University, I became a weight loss coach for an international company. I learned many things working there, the most important of which were:

  • I love working with women and helping them become happier and healthier!
  • I don’t believe in diets and can no longer be a part of that industry.
  • I do believe that food is medicine and that our bodies are each unique and will tell us what is right for us.

My time as a weight loss coach led me back to school to get my master’s degree in nutrition at Bastyr University, but as fate would have it, I found a certification course in hypnotherapy while I was there.

Although I love nutrition and have such respect for nutritionists and dietitians, I realized that I could personally help women more by following my passion for hypnotherapy and exploring past lives.

As a certified hypnotherapist and past life regression specialist, I’ve worked with women to help them:

  • Understand the underlying reasons for their weight concerns.
  • Figure out which foods their bodies need and don’t need.
  • Learn what other factors are affecting their health.
  • Release weight obsession so they could focus on their life again.

You see, I learned from my own experiences with dieting, binge eating, and weight obsession that when you put all your energy into losing weight, you lose sight of the bigger picture of your life. When I learned how to let go of all that, I suddenly had more time and energy for living a fuller life.

Over the years, I have:

  • Co-written two gluten-free cookbooks
  • Led online courses and in-person workshops for women on loving your body and learning how to reconnect with yourself.
  • Created The Goldilocks Self-Care Toolbox, my members only website for women who are ready to prioritize their self-care.
  • Been featured in The Huffington Post, The Startup Sessions, and Daily Life.

Today I create online courses, do hypnotherapy and past life regressions for private clients, and run in-person and virtual workshops. I follow my intuition, and credit hypnotherapy, meditation, and my gluten-free diet with helping me to become a healthier, happier person.

Random Facts About Me:

  • I played soccer for 12 years and rugby for 5, including a season of rugby when I was studying abroad in Scotland.
  • I’m biracial (black and white) although yes, I know, I don’t look like it. I studied social psychology in college and grad school, and have a passion for understanding how people are treated based on appearances.
  • I live with my boyfriend and our two children in Arizona, and love the weather but often yearn for the golden autumn trees of my hometown in Massachusetts and the rainy days of my time spent in Seattle.
  • I’m shy and quiet but put on some pop or hip-hop and I will dance anywhere, anytime.
  • I am always singing. If it’s not out loud, it’s in my head.
  • I have lived in Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Washington, Missouri, and Arizona, and spent a few months in Argentina and Scotland. I am a homebody but I also get really antsy and crave change which has led to a lot of moving over the years!

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