Gain Clarity & Create Your Yearly Focus Goals so that You Know Where to Spend Your Time, Energy and Money

As I’ve been gearing up for 2018, I’ve been thinking about my business goals and offerings for next year. With a baby on the way, I kept telling my boyfriend that we needed to have a conversation about our goals and where we are going so that I knew how to prioritize my business.

But I didn’t know what that conversation should look like or the right questions to ask. Everything felt murky.

Then this past week I had a conversation with a business coach. I wanted help with some specific offerings and she immediately realized that my problem was more that I needed to have a clearer picture of the big vision.

What did I want to happen in my life and business in the next 1-2 years? Only when I knew the big picture could I work backwards to the smaller details.

It was really the same question I had been asking of my boyfriend. What is our big picture? What are our goals?

But I still wasn’t sure how to answer that question because my big vision for my business has shifted since having my first child but I didn’t know what the new vision looked like.

And then I realized the answer – or rather the questions – were right in front of me.

Literally – on my fridge.

You see, last year I created something I called Focus Goals with my boyfriend. These included long term goals (big overarching themes that will likely stay the same for years), yearly focus goals for our family, and individual focus goals for each person in our family.

Those goals have been on my fridge all year – along with accompanying affirmations – and they have kept me focused when I wasn’t sure where to direct my time, energy or money.

I realized that all I needed to do was create my 2018 focus goals and that once I did that, my business decisions would become much more clear.

The Focus Goals worksheet will be a part of my new Lightseeker self-study course on finding your calling in 2018, but I want to help you do them now so I am sharing the worksheet with you for free.

Grab Your Free Worksheet


This is some of the simplest work you can do do that will have a huge impact on how you make choices in your life.

It’s minimalism for goal setting.




Focus Goals Worksheet

Grab Your Free Worksheet

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