This challenge will help you to envision your 2018 goals and figure out your next step in life through guided meditation, journaling, and introspection.

Think of it as a 5 day women’s retreat that you can join right from your own home in 30 minutes or less a day.

“Beginning this year with the 5 Day Intuition Challenge was far better than just sitting down to create a vision board. Having a template for the manifesto was very helpful; I feel more accountable in a way and enjoy sharing these ‘growth spurts’ with my friends!”

– Paula, California



free 5 day challenge with iris higgins

Each day will include a prompt or guided meditation to help you connect in with your intuition. In 5 short days, you’ll become clear on your priorities for the year and feel more confident in your next step.

free 5 day intuition challengeDay 1: You’ll start with a guided meditation to help you release old energy that you no longer need in your life.

free 5 day intuition challengeDay 2: You’ll continue with a guided meditation that will help you to determine which chakra needs balancing this year.

free 5 day intuition challengeDay 3: Gain clarity on your life as a whole and receive messages from the universe in your final meditation of the challenge.

free 5 day intuition challengeDay 4: Create a manifesto to guide your actions throughout the year.

free 5 day intuition challengeDay 5: Pick a word of the year as a touchstone to keep you focused.

“Doing Iris’s 5 Day Challenge helped me identify what I needed to do for myself to be more successful not only at my business goals, but also at my happiness and health goals, too. Just like every time I immerse myself in her challenges I didn’t necessarily like the answer I got (seriously, my touchstone word for the year is “patience” – how annoying lol) but it’s on point as always and it’s been such a help during the past several stressful months of launching a book while running a business. A great challenge, thanks Iris!”

– Rebecca, Washington

“I loved this! It was light and fun, and it sparked a lot of personal introspection and thought that helped me to set my intentions for my year, and for my life. Loved it!”

– Betsy, Massachusetts

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