Join me and two of my favorite teachers in this (free) replay of our workshop to help lead you out of burnout and back to joy.

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Reframe your internal stories, step into your power, and thrive while prioritizing what matters most to you.

The idea that you’re not worthy of the things you need and desire until you’ve proven yourself is a story, but it’s not your story. And you can stop living in this story today.

Classic hypnotherapy, coaching techniques, and radical self-love can guide you towards fulfilling the unique life vision you’ve created for yourself while helping you achieve health, happiness, and success in your life.

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Hypnotherapy with Iris has done more than 20 years of psychology and counseling has done.

I feel more inner strength. It takes time, but I don’t feel like I am broken or destined to always hate myself.


Immediately after the session, I felt super relaxed and peaceful, and I noticed a sense of inner calm throughout the rest of the week.


As a mom of 4 children, two of who are LGBTQ+, I find myself feeling easily triggered, both by my own kids when they’re not listening to me and my family members who say hurtful things about our support of our transgender child. I was hopeful that a hypnosis session would be a way to process some deep emotions and find relief from the anger I’ve been feeling. I was a little nervous about hypnosis, having never done it before, but Iris put me at ease by explaining the process first. During the session, I found myself tearing up and smiling really huge at times. I was surprised at the depths of emotion I experienced. Overall, this was a very productive and helpful session and I feel like it will support me as I support and love my family.


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