I am here to help womxn unlearn the stories that keep them in near constant burnout…

(these stories are not yours and you no longer have to hold onto them)

And step into stories that will help them THRIVE while prioritizing what matters most to them.

Hi, I’m Iris Higgins and I’ve been coaching womxn for over 10 years.

One theme I have seen time and time again is womxn pushing themselves to the point of exhaustion, illness, and emotional breakdown in order to prove to themselves and the world that they are worthy.

Worthy of what?

Worthy of their job.

Worthy of an abundant income.

Worthy of a loving relationship.

Worthy of joy.

Worthy of rest.

To put it simply?

Worthy of being.

I want you to know that this idea that you are not worthy of the things you need and desire until you have proven yourself (and the bar will continually get higher) is a story.

But it’s not your story.

And you don’t have to continue living in this story anymore.

You can stop.



This moment.

You can choose to live in a different story, one where your value is inherent. One where you are worthy of rest, an abundant income, joy, pleasure, play, and so much more – simply because you exist.

If you want to let go of your old stories and create new stories for you to thrive in, book a totally free 30 minute Story Consult with me. We’ll examine your current stories and create a plan to help you start living a new story.

Book a Free Story Consult

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