1 Simple Tip for Fighting Food Sensitivities

I’m going to throw out some advice here that is not based on research or anything I’ve learned from credible sources. I’m sure I could find articles to prove my point, but I’m not interested in that. So very much of what I do these days is based on what I’ve learned during meditation. This is the best way for me to get in touch with my subconscious and hear what it’s telling me. And I know that it has a lot more information on my health than I can find in a book or research article.

So here goes.

If you want to do one thing today to fight against food sensitivities, just one, here’s what I recommend:

Put away your cell phones, computers, and any other technology while eating.

It’s that simple (and that hard – I’m used to eating with one hand and texting with the other).

Why? Because all of this technology (cell phones and wireless computers especially) is toxic to our bodies. I don’t know the science behind it. I can’t explain it, other than to tell you I can feel this when I listen to my body.

And what happens when you eat something while also connected to something toxic? Your body begins to associate the foods you’re eating with that toxic feeling. It begins to think food is also toxic.

I doubt there’s any research on this. It’s certainly not the cause for food sensitivities. But I’m starting to think it’s one cause in a giant web of problems. And if you can begin to untangle that web, one strand at a time, you’ll eventually get back to a place of natural health.

Set yourself a goal to put down your technology while eating for at least one day. TV too. I don’t get such a bad feeling about the toxicity of TV; it may be harmless. But let’s just experiment here.

One day of eating WITHOUT being connected. Just try it.

And then see if you can go for two days.

Start to reprogram your brain. Eating means peace. Eating means nourishment. Eating means a break from the toxicity that’s such a natural part of our lives now.

I’m challenging myself to do this. Will you do it with me?



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