1 Simple Practice You Can Do Today to Calm Your Mind

There’s something on your mind.

Something has been bothering you. I’m guessing it’s something around your health, money, or your family.

And maybe it’s keeping you up at night.

Or making you feel that low-level, behind-the-scenes anxiety that only you know is there.

Either way, it doesn’t feel good.

Because ultimately, you just want to be at peace.

You know you want some things to change, and you know you need to work to make those changes happen.

But really? Right now? You just want to be okay with what is.

Because the things that need to change? They’re going to change. You’re going to work at them.

You’re going to get there.

But right now, in this moment, the anxiety and sleepless nights aren’t helping. They’re only making it worse.

And they’re starting to make you angry.

So today, I want you to try one simple exercise.

Look at your calendar. Find 10 minutes TODAY when you can be completely alone, and write 10 minute break in your calendar. (Find that hard to do? So do I! Believe me, if I can make it happen, so can you.)

Set an alarm to remind you when it’s time for your 10 minute break.

When it’s time for your break, set a timer for those 10 minutes. Sit down cross legged and take three deep breaths. Tell yourself that everything’s okay and you can just be there for the next ten minutes. Continue to focus on your breath. Every time anxious thoughts come into your head, take another deep breath and tell yourself again that everything’s okay. Allow your body to feel whatever emotions come up. Just allow them to be there.

If you have trouble making yourself sit down, pick two quiet songs that you enjoy. Turn them on at the same time you start your timer. Listening to those songs can help you transition into your break.

Okay. Now what?

The next step is to schedule that 10 minutes in EVERY SINGLE DAY for the next week.

After that? Reevaluate. Did the 10 minute breaks feel good? Did they help you? Are they worth the time and effort?

  • Yes? Great, schedule them into your next week!
  • No? That’s okay. Pick another activity from your self-care toolbox to try. 



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