3 Things I Do That Help Me Love My Body Better

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I haven’t always loved my body. In fact I’m still working on it. But here’s what I’m coming to realize: My body has always been worthy of love. 

My mind is just finally catching up to that truth.

I’ve had 28 years to believe I wasn’t good enough, that my body didn’t measure up. That won’t change in a day. But here are some of the ways I’ve been working on loving my body better: 


I focus on my attributes, not my perceived flaws.

I’ve spent countless hours looking in the mirror at my flaws, picking apart my face and body, and wondering if other people see what I see. Now, whenever I find myself doing this, I stop and pick a feature I like. My eyes, my lips, my hair, whatever looks nice that day. And I spend as much time oohing and aahing over my beautiful hair as I would have spent critiquing something else. By the time I walk away from the mirror, I find myself feeling confident and quite sure that if anyone notices anything about me, it will be what a great hair day I’m having, not the fact that my stomach isn’t as flat as I think it should be.


I take social media and magazine breaks.

I LOVE reading People and US Weekly. I could spend all day on Facebook. But that never makes me feel good about myself. It’s almost impossible to be on social media or read about celebrities without starting to play the comparison game. I think of it like candy. They taste so good, but too much of a good thing will give me a soul cavity. So when I find myself starting to feel uncomfortable with who I am and where I am in life – in any way, not just with my body – I take a deliberate break from checking out other people’s (curated) lives.  


I ask my body what it needs to feel loved. 

Our bodies are not immune to our thoughts. When we are thinking about how much we hate our bodies, they listen. It’s important that we counter those thoughts by making time to consciously do things that make our bodies feel loved. When I find myself starting to feel uncomfortable in my body, I stop and just allow myself to sit quietly for a few minutes. I ask my body what it needs to feel loved, I allow the answers to come, and then I make time to actually go and do what my body wants. I usually find that it needs more self-care in one way or another, and I find a way to schedule that into my week.

How can you love your body better this week? 



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