6 Journaling Prompts for Decluttering Emotional Blocks

In the manifesting world, there’s a lot of talk about decluttering. Making space for what you desire by clearing out old stuff that no longer serves you.

And so often I think we do that physically because it’s the easiest, most tangible way. It’s fun to go through your house and get rid of stuff that makes you feel cluttered.

It’s fun to shove it all out the door and walk into a home that feels abundantly filled with space.

But you know what’s not so fun?

Not so tangible and easy?

Decluttering the lies and half-truths you live with. Some of these are lies you tell to yourself (like you’re content when you’re not).

Some of these are half-truths you tell to your spouse (Oh hey honey I went shopping last week and bought a few things…ahem…totally went crazy at a sale and spent all our monthly savings).

Some are just evasions like when you conveniently forget to tell your parents you quit your job (because hey they didn’t ask!).

These are the real things that need decluttering.

Because you can spring clean all you want but until you spring clean your emotional landscape, that clutter in your home is just going to come back as a reminder of the clutter inside of you that’s still there.

Sound daunting?

Here are some journal prompts to help you start:

  • Where are you holding guilt or anxiety over something you’ve done or haven’t done? What needs to happen for you to let go of the guilt/anxiety?


  • Who do you believe you would you have to hurt in order to be truly happy and healthy in your life? Is that true?


  • Is it possible to be completely happy in your life right now? Why or why not?


  • What big dreams do you have that you’re ignoring or that you can’t seem to achieve?


  • What would be the dark side of achieving those big dreams? Are there beliefs or fears that are holding you back?


  • How could you reframe those beliefs or fears into positive affirmations? (For example, “I’m scared to take a big risk,” becomes, “Even though I have some fears around taking risks, I take action each day to move forward.”

Create as many affirmations as you can. Say them out loud. How do they make your body feel?

What have you learned about yourself with these questions? Are you seeing any patterns? Shedding light on those difficult questions and being aware of your own patterns is key in making conscious changes.



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