The Real Reason You Sometimes Feel Overwhelmed

You know who you are.

You spend most of your time feeling completely overwhelmed by all the busyness of life.

Laundry that piles up. Dishes that are never done. E-mails that never stop coming. To-do lists a mile long.

Not to mention that you want to do ALL…THE…THINGS, yet you never seem to have time to do ANY…OF…THE…THINGS.

You get by, day by day, taking care of what is in front of you, but deep down, there’s a yearning for something…more.

When pushed, you’ll tell people some of your little dreams. The small things you want to do. The things you know are possible.

But you never tell people the big dreams. The secret dreams.

The ones that you hide even from yourself.

The ones that you think are out of your reach and so you pretend they’re not really there.

You know what I think?

I think you know what your big dreams are.

I think you know what you want.

I think you pretend to be overwhelmed, confused, unsure…

You let your crazy take over.

But it’s all just a distraction. A way of hiding from what you know:

That your dreams are out there. That they’re actually possible. That you’re not really scared that you’ll fail. You’re scared you’ll succeed.

You can hide your desires from the rest of the world. That’s ok.

Sometimes we need to keep things secret while they percolate.

But don’t hide from yourself any more.

Admit who you are. Admit what you want. Acknowledge the fears…not the fears of failure…but the fears of success.

Get out a piece of paper right now and write down:

My name is _____ and I secretly want _________.

If I succeed, I’m afraid that _______.

But despite my fears, I am drawing a line in the sand and declaring that I will no longer hide my desires from myself, that I will be honest with myself from this day forward.

Declare it. Know it. Feel it. 


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