All that matters is that you like the ladder you’re on.

What will my parents think?

How will my sister react?

Do my friends think I’m an idiot?

We all have that voice inside our heads that worries what other people will think. It’s the people pleaser, the good girl voice, the part of us that really wants to be liked.

And it has an opinion about everything you do.

That dress you want to wear? Eh…it’s a little too fancy. People will think you’re trying too hard.

The new life coaching program you want to buy? Come on now! If people knew how much money you were spending on yourself, they would be appalled!

And that new idea you have? You know the one I’m talking about… I don’t know about that. I just don’t think it’s very realistic.

Does that voice inside your head sound anything like that?

Well, I want to give you a little piece of advice that came out of a client session this week.

All that matters is that you like the ladder you’re on.

You see, that little voice was whispering in my client’s head, telling her that other people might find one of her business decisions foolish. And so we did a little grounding and centering practice, and I asked her what was true for her when she was grounded in her own truth and nobody else’s.

Her answer?

All that matters is that you like the ladder you’re on. If you don’t, get off. But if you do, keep climbing.

Remember, everyone is climbing their own ladder. It doesn’t help to stop and look at other people climb their ladders or worry that other people are watching you climb yours. Just keep asking yourself if you like the ladder you’re on.

If you don’t, hop off and find a ladder that’s more fun!

If you do, keep calm and climb on…

Today, I’m sharing with you a grounding and centering meditation to help you stay connected to your own truth. Click HERE or on the video below to watch.  




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