Unlike, Unsubscribe, Unfollow

I used to babysit a very delightful and spunky seven-year old girl. I told her once that the internet didn’t exist when I was a kid. Her response?

“Whoa. You must have lived in the horse and buggy days.”

I cracked up. To this day, that sentence, uttered with complete sincerity, makes me laugh. Yes, I suppose I lived in the horse and buggy days. (And I’m 33, so I’m saying this totally tongue-in-cheek.) The days when there were not 10,000 different options on any given day about what you could spend your time doing.

Our world is full of opportunities. Chock full. Like, so full it’s exploding. It’s a bit like staring at a fireworks display, eyes wide, mouth open, so in awe at all the colors that you…can’t…move.

There are so many options available to us that we often freak out and can’t do anything. As an entrepreneur, I experience this daily, and I see it in my entrepreneur friends and hear it from my clients.We are told, “You have to attend this webinar, you need this training, I can tell you how to make 50k in 5 days, I can teach you how to be rich, I can show you how to be the biggest, the brightest, the bestest (not a word, I know), You NEED me.”

And wow is it overwhelming.

Here’s the thing though. You can learn something from every one of these people. All the people shouting at you from Facebook and Twitter and your e-mail, they all have something to teach you. And it can all help you.

But the truth?

You don’t NEED any of it. You have everything you need within you. It’s your inner wisdom that will lead you to your right path, it’s your innate skills, it’s your way of being in this world that will help you succeed.

As a hypnotherapist, I suppose I should be telling you that you NEED my services to quiet your mind and go deep within. But you really don’t. I can help you, if you want that. Just like everyone else marketing to you CAN HELP YOU, if you want what they’re offering. But you can also do it without them. You are that powerful. You are that amazing. And your inner wisdom…? It is that spot on. Because it’s yours and it’s your life.

So when you’re looking at all the marketing hoopla and everyone telling you what you need and who you need to buy from and how you need to be, just remember this.

You can CHOOSE whatever opportunity you want, because it’s your life. But you don’t NEED anyone, and you’re not going to miss out on anything if you UNLIKE, UNSUBSCRIBE, UNFOLLOW, or UN-whatever you need to do.

Because everything you really need is already inside of you.


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