Are you trying too hard?

There’s something that happens quite often as soon as we tap into our power.

We start trying too hard.

The things that come so naturally to us – and those are the sources of our power – suddenly feel difficult, like slogging through mud.

It’s not that we’ve suddenly lost the ability or the divine power has left us (although it can feel that way).

It’s that our ego has suddenly clued in to the immense power in what we do so easily and wants to harness that power.

Our ego leads us to try really hard, brows furrowed and shoulders hunched, losing sight of the fact that it’s the ease that makes this gift so powerful.

Anyone can do it. We are not the only ones capable of performing our gifts. But we do it with an ease that most don’t have.

Let it be easy.

Stop trying so hard.



p.s. Here’s a guided meditation for you! New Year, New You: Invite in Ease, Joy, Unconditional Self-Love, & Optimism

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