“I look around at all the entrepreneurs I know on social media and they all look so happy! Do they really love what they’re doing so much or are they just faking it like I am? Please tell me I’m not the only one slogging my way through work.”

I talked with a potential client recently and this is what she told me. She knew what she needed to do in her business to succeed. She had the strategy and steps all lined out from her business coach. But when it came time to work, she would procrastinate like it was her job. Binge watching Stranger Things or e-mailing potential clients?

Uh. No contest.

Clients like this come to me for my 30 Day Accelerate Program, where we do hypnotherapy every week for a month to get them quickly out of burnout and back to loving their work.

On the other end of the spectrum are my 12 month maintenance clients. Rather than procrastinating, these are the clients who love their work, are at the top of their game, and generally overwork to the point of exhaustion. They want to do ALL THE THINGS and usually start our calls by telling me, “Life is great! Maybe too great? Is that possible? Everything is working out, opportunities are coming my way…and I’m exhausted AF.” They’re not quite in burnout mode but they’re going to be if they don’t watch out.

The good thing is that the first step for both of these cases is the same: slow down, get quiet, tune in.

I know, I know! It’s really hard for entrepreneurs to slow down. It’s the opposite of what the hamster in your brain is telling you. But it’s necessary. And conversely, when you slow down, you actually end up working better and getting your work done faster.

So…to help you avoid business burnout, I’ve created a seven minute guided meditation that will help you slow down. Seriously, just seven minutes! (I know you’ve got 10,001 things to do.)

Find some time today to sit down and turn this meditation on, then come back tomorrow for your second meditation (FYI, it will be 15 minutes long.)


Breathing Meditation

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