5 Ways to Avoid Business Burnout

From loving your business but feeling overwhelmed to secretly hating what you’re doing and wanting to scrap everything and start over, business burnout can happen easily until you figure out your triggers and how to work through them. Understanding these triggers and how they play out for you can help you to stay focused and […]

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What the Headlines About Meghan Markle Say About Us All

I have an obsession with Meghan Markle (you know, the duchess of Sussex). My friends know this because I talk about her A LOT. And I think about her a little more than a lot.  Is it because she’s gorgeous and smart and talented and an American who married a literal prince?  Well, duh… There […]

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Becoming the Anti-Superwoman

It was the day before Halloween. I needed to make a potluck dish for my 3 year old’s preschool party. I also needed to make sure he ate something substantial before the party because he has to eat gluten and dairy free, and I knew there wouldn’t be many options for him there. I had […]

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