Join me for 5 days of meditation to help you stop feelingĀ  burned out and get back to feeling like yourself!

Free Challenge: Stop the Burnout Cycle

We begin Saturday, February 12th!

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Each day, for 5 days, you’ll be sent a 10 minute meditation to help you release your burnout.

Day 1: Uncover the Beliefs Keeping You in Burnout

Day 2: Release Burnout (Tap into Joy)

Day 3: Release Fear of Change

Day 4: Step into a New State of Being

Day 5: Envision the Future, Manifest Your Dreams

The meditations will lead you through a simple, but profound healing process that will lead you to understand the old beliefs fueling your burnout and begin living from a healthier, happier place.

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Last year, I polled my readers and asked them what would feel like a miracle. Here’s what they told me:

  • Not feeling so overstretched and actually having time to feel like a human in my life, with time to hang out with friends and enjoy my hobbies.
  • To make a living doing what I love without overworking and compromising my health in the process.
  • Be my own boss, not have to go to my day job, and have time to spend with my son.
  • Make enough money each month so that I can relax into where my heart wants to be (in nature, with family).

Do you see a theme here?

We live in a society where burnout and overwhelm are an art form.

Our hearts yearn to spend our days doing what matters…being with family and friends, pursuing hobbies that make us feel joyful, resting, walking in nature…

But the very nature of current society insists we go against our hearts and continue burning ourselves out.

I want to help you shift that cycle in your own life.

While I can’t change society, as a hypnotherapist, I do help my clients to unlearn the stories that keep leading them into burnout.

And when you unlearn those old stories and consciously choose how you want to live now, you see amazing shifts in your life and are able to finally stop the burnout cycle.


Free 5 Day Challenge: Stop the Burnout Cycle

Starts February 12th!

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