Can you find the magic? 


I am naturally a morning person.

My brain works best in the morning. I like to write in the morning. I like exercising in the morning.

Everything feels fresh and new and filled with promise.

I especially love waking up at 5am, before the rest of the world wakes up, and doing something like yoga or writing a blog post, something that makes me feel productive and like I can chill for the rest of the day because I know I’ve already accomplished something. There’s something so delicious about that to me.

(My late night owls, I know you’re groaning right now. It’s okay. Just go with me here.)

Since Jamie was born 15 months ago, my early mornings have been kaput. Oh, she wakes up at my favorite hour, 5am. I just don’t enjoy it so much since her nightly tossing and turning and nursing keeps me up all night long.


Oh yes, there’s a delicious but.

But…last week I decided to take advantage of Jamie’s early morning wakings and start taking her on walks. Instead of my usual grumbly waking up, unfocused Facebook scrolling, immediate mom guilt for being on Facebook when I should be playing with my daughter, and then super slow pajama filled mornings, we get up, get dressed, and get out the door. She loves taking walks in the stroller, and I get to have a little morning meandering brain time while Jamie gets fresh air.

Wins all around.

And on my early morning walks, I’ve started searching for magic. 

With the light just coming up through the trees, I look for dew drop kissed flowers and sparks of sunshine. I look for empty rocking chairs on porches that remind me of Hallmark movies. I look for the sights that pass me by during the day but that in the early morning light seem to come alive.

I look for the magic.

And when you look for magic, you find it.

Can you find the magic?


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