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We take a Multidisciplinary, Collaborative Approach.

You know that feeling when you want support but you can’t figure out if you need a hypnotherapist, a life coach, a career coach, or something else altogether? And mostly you think you need all of the above but don’t know where to start?

Well, I’ve got you covered. Instead of throwing up your hands and doom scrolling through social media, start with a multidisciplinary mini-coaching package.

I’ve teamed up with some of my favorite therapists, coaches, and teachers to create mini-packages that will get you over the hump of overwhelm and help you figure out your next step. Each package includes a session with me and a session with another practitioner to kickstart movement in your life.

Once your initial sessions are done, you can choose to continue working with both of us, one of us, or neither of us. (There will be no pressure and no hard sells.) Basically, this package is to help you get out of burnout and overwhelm and into a space where you can move freely again.

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Iris Higgins, MA, ChT. I’m a certified hypnotherapist with a master’s degree in psychology and over ten years of experience providing coaching and hypnotherapy. I strive to help my clients reduce their stress, listen to their bodies, and connect in with their intuition. You can learn more about me here.

Here’s how this works:

  • Step one: Read the descriptions for each coach below. Pick the one you resonate with the most. Don’t overthink this step. Just go with your initial gut instinct.
  • Step two: Book a 90 minute hypnotherapy session with me. During our session, we can work through your goals, big life vision, blocks holding you back, or anything else you are feeling conflicted or stuck around.
  • Step three: After our session, I will email introduce you to your selected coach so you can book your 60 minute session with them. You will have the option to work with either or both of us after your package is complete, but there will be no pressure or icky sales. If you’d like to continue working with either one of us, simply let us know!

Note: Sliding scale package prices are based on my sliding scale fee + each coach’s individual hourly fee. Please take note of your selected package’s sliding scale price when you book your initial session with me. Once I see the appointment booked, I’ll send you an email with more details for your session and payment.

Aja Vancica (she/her), Master Life Coach

Aja Vancica teaches women how to master any challenges that come their way so that they can lead the lives they truly desire.

Aja believes in getting back to basics and simplicity, to the core of what really matters and helping her clients step into who they’re meant to be. She loves working with entrepreneurs and women with big dreams.

Sliding Scale Package Price: $200 – 400

Includes: One 90 minute hypnotherapy session with me + one 60 minute business coaching session with Aja

Sha’ Roehm (she/her), Certified Meditation Teacher

Sha’ came to meditation in the same way many of us do: through uncertainty and overwhelm. After having a career in real estate for 17 years, she realized she no longer knew who she was or what she wanted. She tried multiple therapists and exercise but kept coming back to the feeling of being lost within her own body and mind.

That’s when meditation found its way to Sha’. Developing clarity and hope through meditation helped her differentiate what was in her head and what was in her heart. Ultimately she decided it was time to share her experience and guide whoever was called to receive it. Over the last five years, she has honed in on meditation modalities and obtained a 300-hour meditation teacher certification. Her goal is to empower people to live their most optimal life through meditation.

Sliding Scale Package Price: $235 – 435

Includes: One 90 minute hypnotherapy session with me + one 60 minute meditation session with Sha’.

Marilene Richardson (she/her), Wellness Coach

Marilene helps her clients to feel empowered through her unique blend of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Herbalism, and aromatherapy. As a certified professional herbalist and licensed massage therapist, she has been living and studying alternative health and healing for over 30 years. She has worked as a consultant for naturopaths and homeopaths, as well as sharing patients with functional medicine practitioners and other healthcare providers. She has lived through her own and her child’s medical crisis, as well as working through her own personal goals.

Marilene’s clients walk away with some herbal and Ayurvedic education, knowledge and understanding of their personal constitution, the whys and hows of eating healthy, better eating habits, the skills to stay on track with new goals, and more than anything, feeling healthier, happier, and more confident in themselves overall.

Sliding Scale Package Price: $275 – 475

Includes: One 90 minute hypnotherapy session with me + one 60 minute wellness consultation with Marilene.

Rebecca West (she/her), Seriously Happy Coaching for Designers and Entrepreneurs

Rebecca West is an award-winning entrepreneur with 12 years running her design company, Seriously Happy Homes. She authored the book, Happy Starts at Home, serves on the board of Heritage Design School, and has been featured in magazines like Live Happy, Vision, Success Magazine, and Bustle, on TV with Seattle Refined and New Day Northwest, and at events like Ignite Seattle, Town Hall Seattle, and the Happy Child Summit. She helps designers and entrepreneurs to get seriously happy in their businesses with strategic questions and goal setting.

Sliding Scale Package Price: $300 – 500

Includes: One 90 minute hypnotherapy session with me + one 60 minute business coaching session with Rebecca

Laura Herszenhorn (she/her), Career Coach

Laura transforms big ideas into bold, strategic action. She loves to help creative thinkers organize their thoughts, clarify their goals, and get things done. In her day job, she guides a team of talented museum professionals to design and scale programs that foster a more scientifically literate, socially just, and civically engaged society. On the side, she coaches individuals to pursue their professional dreams. She has a knack for asking critical questions, connecting the dots, and offering novel insights.

Sliding Scale Package Price: $310 – 510

Includes: One 90 minute hypnotherapy session with me + one 60 minute career coaching session with Laura

Katie Templeton-Colman (she/her/they/them), Life Coach

Katie coaches creative changemakers and out-of-the-box thinkers to embrace compassionate curiosity, establish congruent boundaries, and trust their intuition so they can play bigger and bring their visions to life. When Katie’s not coaching, she runs a boutique co-working community in SE Portland called Light Space. She enjoys learning languages, watercoloring, journaling, dancing, and relaxing with her sweetie and cat.

Sliding Scale Package Price: $325 – 525

Includes: One 90 minute hypnotherapy session with me + one 60 minute life coaching session with Katie.

Nicole Iacovoni (she/her), Financial Therapist

Nicole is a financial therapist and licensed psychotherapist with 17 years of experience. She helps women entrepreneurs, coaches, and creatives to heal their relationship with money, overcome self doubt, rejection, and other business bloopers, make more profits, and manage money in fun, flirty (and strategic) ways – without giving up all of life’s guilty pleasures.

Sliding Scale Package Price: $350 – 550

Includes: One 90 minute hypnotherapy session with me + one 60 minute financial therapy session with Nicole

Ready to get out of burnout and back on the path to thriving?

Book Your Hypnotherapy Session

After your session is booked, I will send you an email to see which coach you would like to work with and help you determine your package rate (I have a formula you can use but ultimately you pick the price within the sliding scale that feels right to you).

You’ll walk away from your two sessions with more clarity, practical steps for moving forward, and greater understanding of the path ahead of you.

Do you have questions or concerns before you book your first appointment? Schedule a free 30 minute consultation with me or send me an email at and I’d be happy to answer your questions.

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