Contemplate letting go of the spinning.

Imagine that you are sitting cross legged in a field, and there is a great tornado spinning around you. Everything that you have to do, everything that you worry about, and everything that takes you away from self-care is inside that tornado.

You can see it spinning, and it’s making you dizzy, and you imagine that if you got sucked up into that tornado, all you could do is hold on for dear life.

As you sit cross legged in that field, you contemplate just standing up and walking away from the tornado.

But you worry that if you left the spinning, dizzying whirl of that tornado, it would take with it everything you worry about and everything you have to do.

And those are related to the things that you love.

You worry about your family, your friends, your beloved pets, your hobbies, your career, even the dishes – because they are all a part of your home and the life that you love.

If you walk away from the spinning, will you also lose what matters?

The truth is that you don’t know the answer because you have only ever tried it this way.

You have been in the spinning tornado for so long it is all you know.

And here’s another truth.

Spinning in that tornado is taking its toll…on your health, on your spirit, and on your ability to be the person you’re meant to be.

You have two options. 

You can keep spinning the way you’ve always done – until you come to a crashing halt and you lose everything anyway.

Or you can try something different. Something you’ve never done before, at least not in more than short bursts.

You can let that tornado go, let the spinning go, and trust that what matters will stay with you. That if you get up and walk away from that tornado, your magnetic pull will bring everything you need with you, and everything else will disappear along with the tornado.

Are you willing to give it a try?

Start with this: Sit down and close your eyes. Imagine releasing everything from your daily life that truly doesn’t matter. What would be left? What matters?

Write it down. Sit with it.

Contemplate letting go of the spinning.  


p.s. Try this 10 minute meditation for overwhelm and staying centered.

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