Create your Cards of Awesome.

I just created a game called, “Cards of AWESOME,” and it has changed my life. Perhaps not in huge ways but in teeny little awesome ways.

Let me explain.

This past month, I have been a bit down in the dumps. I hate to admit that because I work really hard to stay out of the dumps. But, it happens…

In this ho-hum space, my self-talk has been pretty negative.

And in my head, I realized I was telling myself, “You are a failure. Your business is a failure. You are messing up your relationship. You are sucking at EVERYTHING.”

Not very nice of me.


Mama and Son


One day, I started thinking about my toddler, and how much encouragement and support I give her. Here’s this little being, trying to grow into a big being, and I cheer her on constantly.And there’s my little business, trying to grow into a big business, and what do I do? I call it a failure.

And I call myself a failure.

And I tell myself I suck.

Well that’s clearly a great way to get something to shine.


Light bulb moment! 

I realized that if I was going to keep growing and evolving, that if my business was going to keep growing, and if my relationship was going to keep growing, I needed to give us all unconditional love and support. It’s something I feel when I’m meditating, but hadn’t been giving to myself otherwise.


Enter the Cards of Awesome Game.

It’s very simple. Each morning, I write a little love letter to anything that I feel needs nurturing, myself included. I write them on index cards, nothing fancy. I keep them short, sweet, and often humorous. I tell myself how awesome I am, I tell my business how rad it is, I even write love letters to money because we haven’t always had the best relationship. I’ve also started writing them to my boyfriend and leaving them on his pillow.

Then – and this part is important – whenever I find myself getting a little negative nancy during the day, I pull out a card and read it out loud. If I can read it in a sing songy voice and make myself laugh, even better!

Somedays, I only need to read a card once or maybe even not at all. Other days, I read those awesome cards constantly.

The results?

Within the first day, I could feel my mood lifting and I started thinking of ways to surprise and delight my clients, rather than worrying that there weren’t more of them.

By the end of the week, I received an e-mail from one of my current clients, letting me know that she was sending an e-mail to her girlfriends to tell them how much she was enjoying my program and recommending they check it out.

The day after I wrote my first love letter to money, I got a call out of the blue from someone who wanted to book a session. She hadn’t found my information on my website, but rather the website of a place I used to work and where my information actually shouldn’t be anymore.

Within a couple of days of writing my love letters to my boyfriend, he started complimenting me randomly throughout the day. This might not sound like a big deal, but it’s something he normally never does – not because he’s a jerk, mind you, he’s just a guy and doesn’t think of it. A week later, he left me my own little card of awesome love note on my pillow. (He hasn’t done that type of thing in YEARS!)

I know it’s a little woo-woo and law of attraction-y, but I honestly don’t think any of those things would have happened if I hadn’t started the Cards of AWESOME game.

Now, you can call it whatever you want. Cards of BEAUTIFUL. Cards of Ah-Mazing. Cards of Estupendo. Whatever word feels good to you.

But I recommend you grab a piece of paper, RIGHT NOW, and write yourself a card of AWESOME.

I’ll help you start:

Dear [your name here],

You are AWESOME. You are [           ], [            ], and [         ] to the max. I love you so so much! Always. Every day. No matter what!

[your name here]

Don’t forget to read it out loud! That’s half the magic!


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