Fix it Now: Guided Meditation for Receiving Answers from Your Spirit Guide

When you have a chronic illness, you get really used to something being wrong. Sometimes big things and sometimes little things, but there’s usually something.

A pain in your neck. Tension in your jaw. Aching in your fingers. Cramping in your stomach.

And the thing is, when you get used to something wrong, you tend to forget that it’s even wrong. You just accept it as how things are.

The problem with just accepting something small that’s wrong is this: Over time, whatever is wrong eats away at your health until one day something breaks.

One day, that small niggling problem that you dealt with because it wasn’t that big a deal…suddenly becomes a big deal.

And at that point, the small fixes that could have averted a crisis are no longer enough. It takes more money, more care, and more energy to fix that big problem than it would have to fix the little problem.

Of course, we all have those small problems. Not just in our health but also in our relationships, our careers, and our lives in general.

We usually know what they are. And more often than not, we know the solution. It just might be inconvenient and require a little extra work.

But if you don’t get to fixing that little problem now, there’s going to be a bigger problem sooner or later.

So I want you to do something for me.

Write down all the little problems that you’re ignoring  and brainstorm some small steps that you can take to fix them (or reduce them) now. This might be in your health or in a different area of your life.

And if you’re not sure what you can do to work on those small problems now, try this guided meditation where you can ask your spirit guide to give you some answers.



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