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Racial Healing Workshop for White Womxn

The Racial Healing Workshop for White Womxn is not an anti-racist educational workshop. This is a spiritual workshop with guided meditation and group hypnosis to help you work through your own feelings of being stuck around racism. We’ll do ancestral healing and self-hypnosis around the memory of an incident of racism or prejudice in your life.

This will help you to gain clarity on the next step in your own anti-racist work. This will allow you to let go of the overwhelming amount of information online right now and focus your energy and attention on where you can be of most service.

Time: 90 Minutes

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Opening the Temple Gates: A Virtual Sister Gathering

This is a unique virtual experience intended to help you connect with your intuition (your inner temple) through a combination of spiritual alignment practices, guided meditation, and chakra balancing with singing bowls. Led by Aja Vancica, with chakra balancing by Onika Long and guided meditation with me.

Time: 75 Minutes

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Guided Meditations

You’ll find over 100 guided meditations throughout my social media platforms.

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