Guided Meditation for Decluttering Your Life

When I was younger, I saved everything. Cards, school papers, journals, you name it. If it could possibly have any sentimental value, I kept it. 

When I went off to college, my poor parents were stuck with my room full of keepsakes, and periodically over the years, I would go home for a visit and go through my boxes.

Each time, I would find items that – while important to me at one point – suddenly no longer held a lot of meaning.

That collage I made of keepsakes from my first serious boyfriend? Gone!

The story one of my best friends and I had randomly written about a bunch of kids at a party? Sorry, Hayley, it went in the recycling!

Over 100 cards from friends and relatives from my first birthday on? Culled down to a much more manageable amount, with just a few special cards saved from loved ones.

You see, as we grow, we find that things that once held us up might begin to weigh us down.

Although I think it’s important to honor our past and everything that has brought us to where we are today, if we spend too much time holding onto the past, we might forget to live for today.

When that happens, those things that used to feel so good start to feel like clutter.

So today, I’ve created a 10 minute guided meditation for you to help you determine what you’re ready to let go of. This meditation will help you to tap into your powerful energy of TODAY so that you can identify which things in your life are dulling that energy and need to be released.

If you can find just 10 minutes in your calendar today, you can gain clarity on what needs to be decluttered in your life. Are you ready?





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