Guided Meditation for Staying Grounded When You Feel Overwhelmed

It is so easy to get caught up in overwhelm and turn to our vices for comfort. For some people this means alcohol, drugs, or binge eating. For me it means mindless internet scrolling.

Yet these tools we have for hyping ourselves up and numbing ourselves out don’t really make us feel any better at the end of the day. In fact, they end up making the overwhelm feel even worse.

The things that help us most when we’re overwhelmed are usually the simplest yet hardest to do: taking a walk in nature, turning technology off, exercising, meditating…

Today, I’ve created a short meditation for you to help you find that grounded, peaceful place inside of you even when it feels like your life is a spinning tornado. I recorded it via Facebook Live but you don’t need a Facebook account to access it. You can simply click here.

If you found this video useful, bookmark it and return to it any time you start to feel that overwhelm taking over. Remember, there is always a place of peace inside of you even during the darkest storms.




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