Happy Starts at Home: A 4-Week Spring Cleaning Challenge {Week 1 Recap}

This morning, I listened to a guided meditation by Rebecca West, the author of the new book, Happy Starts at Home. I’ve known Rebecca since we met in a Toastmaster’s meeting in Seattle a few years back. She is now a Goldilocks Movement member, and I am super excited to say that she is also the first Goldilocks guest teacher!

Rebecca hired me a couple of years ago to help her create a guided meditation for her clients that would help them to envision their ideal space. Although I wrote out a script for her, she tweaked it, made it her own, and used her beautiful voice to create an incredibly soothing meditation. I was so impressed, I knew I wanted to partner up with her at some point.

The Goldilocks Movement has given me the perfect opportunity to do that. The Happy Starts at Home Spring Cleaning Challenge is now part of The Goldilocks Movement course content, as part of our spring decluttering practice.

And as with everything else in The Goldilocks Movement, this program is all about tuning into your intuition and designing your life – and home – from a space of creativity and intuition.

Because I love spring cleaning (and I always do the Goldilocks exercises myself), I decided to share my own experiences with the course over the next couple of weeks.

WEEK 1 – 
HAPPY STARTS AT HOME: A 4-week Spring Cleaning Challenge:  


Now let me tell you a little bit about my home before we go any further. I live in a two bedroom apartment, we’ve been here for almost two years, and we don’t plan on staying here that much longer. So I’m not exactly imagining I can create a whole lot of change in four weeks when I can’t make any major structural changes and hope to move soon.

So…um…we’ll see what happens, right?!

Well, here’s what happened when I did the first exercise in the challenge, which was to listen to the guided meditation on finding your ideal space. I thought I would go to my regular meditation safe space, which is a gorgeous house on a beach.

(You get that I mean in my meditations, right? I don’t actually have a gorgeous house on the beach. Yet…)

I expected that when I did a guided meditation on my ideal space, it would take me to my beach house, and I would see blues and greens and yellows, and it would help me get some ideas on how to fix my living room. Instead, I saw a wooden gate outdoors with vines all over it, very reminiscent of The Secret Garden. When I walked through the gate, instead of being inside a house, I found myself outside on a beautiful estate with a lovely, large brick house to the left and a vineyard to the right. I sat with my boyfriend at a little round table enjoying a glass of wine. During the meditation, I walked around the vineyards and saw my bright yellow kitchen where I was baking a pie. I visited with my family and saw my son playing with his friends (he was about 5 in this meditation, although he’s not even 2 yet in real life).

Overall, the sense that I got in this space was of happiness and joy, a lightness of being, and a sense of love and togetherness. It was also really clear to me that there was plenty of space there for everyone in my family to do their own thing. My boyfriend, Calder, had his vineyards. I had my kitchen, and Jamie (my son) had the whole estate to run around, plus his friends nearby.

As I ended the meditation, my subconscious brought me a gift, which was an old-fashioned gold key. I knew it was the key to the wooden gate, but really didn’t know anything else about it. I felt such sadness at leaving that beautiful vision, but was also really curious as to why my subconscious had led me there.

The next exercises in week 1 had me exploring the differences between my vision and what my home actually looks and feels like, how I feel in my home, and even how my home must feel about me. It turns out my apartment and I love each other, and I realized I’m actually really sad about knowing we’ll be moving at some point. After all, this is where my son was born! But I also know we’ve outgrown this place and need to find a space that fits all of us better.

Week 1 ended with me creating a contract with my home. I was really surprised – although, knowing Rebecca, I shouldn’t have been – at how powerful one little meditation and a few writing exercises could be.

Looking at my kitchen right now, I can’t even imagine feeling the lightness, joy, and love in there that I felt in the kitchen in my meditation. But I’m willing to see if it’s possible, and also to see where the exploration takes me. I fully believe that when you open yourself up to new possibilities, you allow the universe to create wonderful things for you. Who knows? Maybe somehow, through doing this 4-Week Spring Cleaning Challenge, I’ll be letting the universe know that, “Hey, I’m ready for my new space and my new home. I’m ready to reach for joy and light.”

Next week, I’ll share with you some of the befores and afters as I go about de-cluttering my kitchen!



(Update: See my Week 2 & 3 Recap here and Week 4 here.)

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