How to Succeed at Your Goals When They Feel Out of Reach

I recently started running again after taking a very long (years long) hiatus. I was never a great runner but since I played soccer and rugby, I had to stay in shape.

After having my first child, I decided that walking and the occasional yoga class would suffice. But recently I had the urge to get back in shape – really get back in shape.

Here’s what I learned:

The first time I ran a lap around our local track, it felt like hell. I kept looking ahead of me and thinking how far I had to go.

And I was only attempting one measly lap!

The next time I went to the track, I decided not to look ahead. I knew where I was going. I knew what my goal was. So I just looked down at the spot right in front of my feet. And I thought, I can take one more step. I can take one more step.

I stopped thinking about how far I had to go and just focused on that one more step. And every time my mind wandered and I thought, “agh it’s so far,” I immediately brought myself back with the affirmation:

I can take one more step.

The goals we reach for in life are just like that run around the track. Sometimes they feel so far and out of reach but if you just focus on the one step in front of you, you’ve reached your goal before you know it.

So for today, decide on your next step and keep your focus there. Don’t worry about what comes after that.

Just take one more step.



p.s. Not sure what that next step is? Try this guided meditation to receive advice from your spirit guides.

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