Uncover and overcome what’s blocking you and your business from the success you crave

As entrepreneurs, oh so often you don’t know
what your next move is in your business
but you know something’s got to change.


You’re hustling so hard to keep your clients and customers happy, while the hamster in your brain is constantly telling you to go-go-go everywhere, do all the things, and say “yes” to a neverending pile of projects.

Before you know it, you’re burning out, exhausted from the long workdays, unfulfilling projects, and clients and co-workers that make you wanna scream. The business you once loved has turned into a constant state of stress, and you can’t remember what your ultimate purpose is anymore.

What if you could slow down for a moment and listen to the voice of wisdom inside of you? What if you had the tools to tune out your competitors, social media, and what everyone else is doing and just listen to yourself?



Hypnotherapy can help you:

Identify and overcome money blocks you didn’t know you have, scale your business, and increase your income.

Discover work patterns that no longer serve you so you can set up self-care systems that prevent business burnout.

Take your business into the spotlight with the newfound confidence and clarity that you can write that book, nail that speaking gig, create a course, and more.

Reconnect with why you built your business in the first place and redefine your ultimate purpose.

Hypnotherapy helps creative entrepreneurs like you succeed in life and business by guiding you to your intuition so that you can make decisions with confidence.


Together, we figure out what really matters to you and consciously align your life
with your business so you can get back to your passion again.


How to Work With Me: 

Hypnotherapy may sound a little woo-woo but it’s actually much more down to earth (and backed up by science!) than you might expect!

You may consider yourself religious, spiritual, atheist or agnostic. You may believe in God, the Goddess, many goddesses, spirit guides, or simply a higher power. I’ve worked with clients of Muslim and Jewish faith, as well as Catholic, Mormon, and other Christian faiths. You may believe in past lives, be unsure where you stand, or think they’re a bunch of baloney. We will always work within your own belief system. Ultimately, what matters is that you believe in your own power. Even if you’re having trouble feeling it right now, you know that it exists. It is this power within you that we will draw on in our sessions.



You’ll start by booking your initial 90 minute session. You’ll make sure you are in a quiet place like your bedroom or on your couch. I work remotely with clients so we can work together no matter where you are; over the phone, Zoom, WhatsApp, or Skype.


After a brief check-in to determine your goals for the session, I’ll lead you through a guided meditation to help you get into a relaxed state where you begin connecting to your intuition.


From there, we’ll work through your goals, heal any old issues that are getting in your way, and create action steps for your life and business moving forward. We’ll be in dialogue the whole time, and you’ll always be in control of what happens. I am there merely to guide you and ask the right questions at the right time.


Your initial session may be all you need to move forward or I might recommend a package of sessions. The options below are my most common packages but I may also create a different package for you if I feel something else would support you better. Ultimately we’ll work together to make sure you’re getting exactly the type of support you need.


Ready to create more happiness, success,
and wealth in your business?

Purchase your initial session

*After you pay for your first session, I will e-mail you my scheduling link so you can book your 90 minute appointment.*

Sample Hypnotherapy Packages:


You’re in burn-out mode and need some quick TLC so you can get back to loving your business and “bringing home the bacon.”

What it includes:

  • Four 60-minute sessions over the course of a month.
  • One bonus 30-minute follow-up session, to be held within 30 days
  • This program is designed to quickly reconnect you to your own. intuition so that you can make the shifts you need to in your life and business to rediscover your passion for your business.



Your business is doing great and you’re having fun doing it but you need an intuition fairy in your pocket to help you stay connected with your “WHY” and remain grounded in your own self-care.

What it includes:

  • Nine 60-minute sessions over the course of 6 months.
  • Two bonus 45-minute sessions, during your 6 month package or up to 60 days after.
  • This program will start with 2 sessions/month and then transition you to 1 session/month as you get more confident in your ability to trust your intuition.



You’re a go-getter who is killing it in your business but you risk burning yourself out if you don’t schedule in monthly self-care sessions to step back and tune into your intuition.

What it includes:

  • Twelve 60-minute sessions over the course of a year.
  • Two bonus 60-minute sessions, to be held during the year or within 60 days after.
  • This program is perfect for the entrepreneur whose business is on track and wants regular support to keep them in tune with their intuition and focused on the right path.


Client Success Stories:


“I’ve seen my business income increase by more than $25,000 over last year, and all I did differently this year was work with Iris.

When I first started my work with Iris, I was recovering from major business-meets-existential burnout. I was also grappling with the overall purpose with my business, what I was building, and how I could better structure it for scale. 

Within one session, I walked away with answers to problems that have plagued not just my business, but my life for years. Like, why I’m so prone to working myself to death, why scaling my business elicits so much fear inside of me, why saying “no” is so hard… and more. Within days and months of our monthly sessions, I’m discovering the direct results of our work together, from finding it’s easier to say “no” without the guilt, FOMO, or shame, completing projects that are transforming the business I have into what I really need to thrive, and more. In the 6+ years I’ve been in business, I’ve never been this happy or fulfilled, and have already surpassed my most profitable year ever and it’s only November. I’m so grateful to have her with me on this journey, and I can’t recommend her enough!”

– Natalie McGuire

Web Designer and Digital Strategist




“Working with Iris is one of the best things that has ever happened for me – our work together helps me stay in tune with what really matters in my life and my business.

I am a ridiculously driven person, and I set nearly unachievable goals for myself that sometimes (okay, a lot of the time) leave me feeling depleted, defeated, and exhausted. Working with Iris helps me succeed more at my goals, but more importantly, helps me to identify which goals are *actually important* so that I can use my energy and time more wisely and resourcefully. 

I tell my friends that they should reach out to Iris because she is able to ask just the right questions that draw out, from your own heart, just the right answers to your problems. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable, sometimes it’s silly, and sometimes it’s just a relief to let the hamster in your brain take a break from running on the wheel for a minute. Every time I finish a session with Iris I know I am stronger, braver, and more patient than before.”

– Rebecca West

Author, Speaker, and Interior Designer




“Hypnotherapy with Iris helped me work through all of the fears that came up when I got my first book deal, which felt like both a huge gift and an invitation for total failure.

As someone who lives with chronic illness, I had fears around physically being able to do this. What if I wrote a horrible book?! Or just couldn’t do it at all? In order to have the energy to write, I was going to spend three months in the woods in a house alone — what if I was horribly lonely or afraid? What if I was sicker by the end? What if I failed at everything?

We envisioned each circumstance so I could better plan the journey. We pulled out emotional and practical tools I already had, or created new ones I could tap into. I envisioned my ideal book-writing scenario, seeing myself working in joy and love and confidence. And so when I was finally alone in the woods, I knew to take a dance break or do a meditation or whatever to get me where I needed to be, day after day, as pages unfolded. I had so much more fun writing, because of that! I was far more creative than I would have been otherwise! I reveled in my weirdness! I was a braver writer! I was kinder to my body, too.

During sessions while there and since I’ve come back home and continued to edit and now market the book, Iris has continued to help me nurture my body and fortify my confidence. New experiences are scary, especially when you live in a body that asks you to play it safe. But because of hypnotherapy sessions with Iris, I’ve been able to truly be present for this experience and enjoy it, too.”

– Jacqueline Raposo

Author, Freelance Writer, and Podcast Producer


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*After you pay for your first session, I will e-mail you my scheduling link so you can book your 90 minute appointment.*

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Contact me to set up a free 30 minute clarity call so we can discuss your goals and talk more about what it would look like to work together.

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