I found my question.

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My business mentor has a question she asks herself before committing to anything new in her business: Is this a complete and utter pleasure? 

One of my hypnotherapy clients realized during a session recently that she needed a question to ask herself so that she would know if something was worth her time and energy.

I hadn’t thought about it much before that, but I loved the idea of having one question to help me make decisions.

This morning it came to me during meditation: Will this help me love better? 

You see, I think a lot about what it is I’m supposed to do in my business, in my life, and in this world. I think a lot about the words I put out into the world. I write a lot that I keep to myself because it doesn’t have the vibration I want to share.

I get angry and frustrated and sad. And I write about it when I need to. I occasionally send those writings to close friends if I really need to. But mostly I just write them to get them out.

And then I ask, “But what is it I’m supposed to put into this world?”

The answer that always comes to me is LOVE.

And truthfully, I don’t always love that well.

Anger comes easily to me. Mistrust comes easily. Sadness comes easily.

Love…truly compassionate love…doesn’t always come so easily.

And so I’ve realized that when I’m thinking about taking on new projects or doing anything new, the question I need to ask myself is, “Will this help me love better?”

Because that is my greatest challenge and my greatest gift.

The more I learn to love, the more love I have to give.

So my question for you is…what is your question?

What is the ONE question you can always ask to help you determine if something is worth your time and energy?

Most likely, this question will – or has – come to you out of the blue. But if you’d like to try on a few questions to see how they feel, here are some ideas to play around with:


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