Is your new idea a shiny object or the real deal?

I’ll admit it. I am that entrepreneur. The one who jumps at every shiny object in my path.

Or I should say I used to jump at every shiny object.

Eventually I realized that the only way I was ever going to get any real work done was to tune out anything that wasn’t in service to my goals.

I even started using the affirmation: I focus on my goals and release shiny objects.

Shiny objects are those things that pull you in with their promises of excitement but really aren’t what you want in life. Their purpose is to distract you from what matters.

We’ve talked about decluttering things in your life (or business) that aren’t serving you, right?

Well, now let’s talk about being super clear about what you bring in.

When you make space in your life, you can’t just let anything and everyone run right into that space. You have to know what is worth your time, and energy and kindly but firmly keep everything else out.

That means learning how to recognize when something is a shiny object.

Some examples of how shiny objects might show up in your life are:

  • Signing up for every newsletter and free challenge you see.
  • Switching business directions every couple of months.
  • Registering for so many new courses and programs that you can’t keep up with any of them.
  • Saying yes to every opportunity that comes your way.

And here’s what happens when you spend all your extra time on shiny objects.

You don’t have time to do the things that truly matter to you.

And if you’re being perfectly honest with yourself, a part of you might actively be seeking shiny objects so that you can sabotage yourself because doing what truly matters can actually feel kind of scary.

So today I’m sharing with you a meditative practice that you can use to discern if something you’re thinking about is a shiny object or the real deal.

Imagine if you decluttered everything in your life that wasn’t serving you, made lots of crisp, clear space for yourself…And then only added things in that were really worth your time.


What could you fill that space with?




More quality time with friends and family?

Only doing things in your business that actually moved you forward?

That all sounds pretty good to me…



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