It all works.

I just finished a workshop with some of my clients, and I shared with them how I’ve been working through fears around achieving my goals. Then I asked them what works for them when they have an issue they’re struggling with.

One client told me that vipassana meditation works for her.

Another told me that taking some deep breaths while focusing on the issue works for her.

A third told me that she likes to take walks while listening to music.

Me? Right now I’m doing a lot of tapping followed by hypnotherapy.

But you want to know a secret? It all works.

You just have to pick something that you’ll do.

EFT/Tapping works.

Hypnotherapy works.

Craniosacral therapy works.

Exercise works.

Dancing works.

Guided Meditation works.

Walking in nature works.

Yoga works.

Gratitude works.

Journaling works.

You see what I’m saying?

It all works.

Just pick something and do it.



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