Let Life Be a Series of Good Moments

My 3 year old came up to me out of the blue and said, “I love you,” and gave me a big hug.

I had a great session with a client and felt like I made a difference.

My partner grabbed the drying towel, and dried and put away the dishes I was washing without me having to ask.

I did 30 minutes of yoga and felt amazing after.

I listened to my guided meditation for releasing perfectionism and anxiety, and felt so much lighter after.

These were some of the good moments from my day.

It’s so easy sometimes – especially in the winter – to see life as a series of “have tos, shoulds, and to-dos.” When I get into that mode, I look at my calendar and just see responsibility. I look back at each day when I go to sleep and only see the things I didn’t get done.

And then I stop.

I remember that life can be a series of to-do lists and never getting enough done.

Or life can be a series of good moments.

Lately I’ve been retraining my brain to focus on the good moments.

Every night before bed I run through my day and remember everything good that happened, big or small. Not only does it help me focus on the good, it also helps me fall asleep quickly.

During the day, I try to pause in those good moments, letting go of the thought of what comes next and just being in the embrace of my child, appreciating the small joy of washing dishes with someone, and reveling in the good feelings of stretching my back during yoga and knowing I’ll sleep better because of it.

Life can be a series of to-do lists or a series of good moments.

Which will you choose?

Letting the good be more important than the to-do

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