Make Yourself a Vessel

You have a purpose, something you’re meant to share with this world.

You might know what your purpose is. You might not.

That doesn’t actually matter.

Figuring out your purpose isn’t your job.

You don’t have to go seek it out because it will find you.


This is a big but.

But in order for your purpose to find you, you have to be a vessel.

When you are filled with confusion, fear, doubt, and the weight of the world, your purpose can’t find its way in.

Your purpose literally can’t get through the junk to make itself known.

Make yourself a vessel.

To be ready for your purpose, you have to start the journey of emptying the load you’re carrying so that you can be open.

Now, if you have a lot of baggage, this doesn’t mean you’re doomed because you’ll never get rid of it all.

(Believe me, I’ve thought that way, but it was really just my excuse for not working on my issues.)

All it means is that you have to start clearing that crap TODAY. And tomorrow. And the next day.

One step every single day. It can be a small step. It can be a big step. It can be a small step and then a big step and then another small step. Just keep working on releasing all that old weight.

And every day, after you’ve done the work, start thinking about the idea of being open to your purpose.

And then one day, when you feel ready, actually say it out loud: I’m open to my purpose. I’m ready and I’m listening.

And then listen.

Now, this is important: Once you say that out loud, answers will start to come, so don’t discount anything you feel, hear, or think as just your imagination or unimportant.

When an idea comes to you, write it down. Pay attention. It really is a message for you.

And then keep releasing that weight and keep listening.

If you do the work, your purpose will show itself.



p.s. Here’s a meditation for you: Meditation for Spiritual Awakening

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