One Important Sign You Should Pay Attention To

How do you feel when you wake up on Monday morning?

Do you jump out of bed, excited for the day ahead of you?

Do you moan and slip back under the covers?


How does your body feel when you step out of bed?

Is it full of energy and ready to move?

Does it creak and make you feel older than you are?


How you feel when you wake up on Monday morning is a sign. 

It is a sign that tells you what is going well in your life and what needs shifting.


In today’s Facebook Live video, I’m sharing with you a short meditative practice you can use to help you understand what this particular sign is telling you. You don’t need a Facebook account to watch this video. Simply click here.


After watching the video, I want you to ask yourself: What small step can I take this week to make my body, mind, and soul happier next Monday morning?



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