Permission to Stop

I am an introvert, so the pull to go inside, to be quiet and still has always been present for me.

I have bursts of outward energy, but for the most part I am called deeper into the forest of my own mind. Deeper into the quiet.

I am also someone who is always doing despite that call to be quiet. If I am not actively organizing or cleaning something, creating something, or participating in something, my brain is still whirring, spinning ever increasing webs.

Yet for more than a year now, I have been hearing the call to just be still.

Not just quiet, but also still.

And if it was just me, I wouldn’t even mention it here. But I’ve been hearing it from clients as well. When deep in meditation with me, their guides and inner wisdom tell them to stop doing, to be still, to just be.

If this doesn’t resonate with you, of course ignore it because I always want you to listen to your own calling. But if something inside you is saying, “Yes yes,” then I want to give you something you may need.

Something you may not accept but perhaps you’ll consider?


Of course you don’t need permission from me, but you probably do need it from somebody. The fear of being still runs deep and it keeps us moving when our bodies urge us to stop.

I know this sounds new-agey and I guess it is, but I do believe that many of us are being called to step up in the world right now. And I also believe that this going quiet, this being still, is a part of that calling. I believe that we need these reservoirs of stillness to draw upon as we step deeper into our callings.

I think that without the stillness, the next step – the action – can’t find its way to you.

And without the stillness, the action can’t be sustained.

So if you are feeling that call to be still, consider this your permission, even if just for a moment, to stop.

That’s it. To just stop.



Interested in going deeper into this work? Stop the Burnout Cycle, is my digital course for women who want to uncover the stories holding them back and learn how to change them so that they feel more joy, meaning and balance in their lives. I recognize that their are societal structures keeping women stuck in burnout that we may have no control over, but there are also limiting beliefs that we have internalized that we do have control over. Stop the Burnout Cycle will help you to uncover the limiting beliefs holding you back, understand the cultural and family origins of those beliefs, and use meditation and healing techniques to help you change your beliefs so that you can thrive while prioritizing what matters most to you.

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