If you haven’t already, please read through this document on the stages of white identity development, and then e-mail me at and let me know what stage(s) you’re in.

Take this survey to give me feedback and help me understand what else would be helpful in your journey.

This is a free workshop but I highly encourage you to use this list to donate to Black Lives Matter or an organization in your state.



Despite being biracial, I am culturally white and am filled with my own biases. When I held this workshop, I asked for honest feedback and one of the attendees noted that I made the mistake of stereotyping all Black people after the first short meditation. My intention was to point out how racism can cause trauma in Black bodies but I made the mistake of assuming this of all Black people. Thanks J for pointing this out and making me aware of the bias in my words.

p.s. If you take the survey above, I explicitly ask for this type of feedback and am 100 percent here to listen, learn, and do and be better.


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