Racial Healing Workshop for White Women

You know that racism exists and you want to do more to understand the inherent biases within you, as well as the systems of oppression you uphold. You want to understand your own history, your white identity, and learn how to be actively anti-racist.

But you feel stuck.

You know there are 10 different directions you could go in and you don’t know what your next step is.

You feel like not being racist is easy. But being anti-racist feels really complicated.

The Racial Healing Workshop for White Allies is not an anti-racist educational workshop. This is a spiritual workshop with guided meditation and group hypnosis to help you work through your own feelings of being stuck. We’ll do ancestral healing and self-hypnosis around the memory of an incident of racism or prejudice in your life.

What you’ll get out of this workshop:

  • Messages from your ancestors that will help you understand how to move forward today
  • Clarity on the next step in your own anti-racist work. This will allow you to let go of the overwhelming amount of information online right now and focus your energy and attention on where you can be of most service.


Listen Now:


If you haven’t already, I suggest reading through this document on the stages of white identity development,

This is a free workshop but I highly encourage you to use this list to donate to Black Lives Matter or an organization in your state.



Despite being biracial, I am culturally white and am filled with my own biases. When I held this workshop, I asked for honest feedback and one of the attendees noted that I made the mistake of stereotyping all Black people after the first short meditation. My intention was to point out how racism can cause trauma in Black bodies but I made the mistake of assuming this of all Black people. Thanks J for pointing this out and making me aware of the bias in my words.


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