Sometimes you just have to trust.

I have a short invocation I say before meditating and/or writing. It’s nothing special. I simply tell my spirit guides: I’m open to any messages you might have.

That’s it.

Sometimes words start to flow almost immediately, and I grab my smart phone and type them out.

Sometimes nothing happens.

Sometimes I sit in meditation and feel frustrated because my mind keeps wandering off on tangents and nothing particularly helpful or enlightening happens.

In those moments, I remind myself to trust.

Trust that my daily meditation practice is helping me, even when I don’t feel it.

Trust that something will come of writing every day, even on days when all that comes is a sludge of crappy words.

Trust that progress comes in waves that you can’t necessarily see on a daily basis. But that daily practice is still necessary for those waves to crash over you.


Sometimes you just have to trust.



p.s. Here is a meditation for you: 10 Minute Meditation for Self-Trust


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