Start something uninspired.

I have days, sometimes even weeks, where I am completely inspired.

As a writer, I’ll find myself stopping throughout the day to scribble down the words that are coming to me.

It’s energizing. I feel in love with writing because it comes so naturally and I barely have to do any work. It is like the work is done to me instead of by me.

And then I have days, weeks, months even where I feel utterly uninspired.

Nothing comes naturally.

Nothing comes easily.

I hate writing. It’s something that I do begrudgingly, torturously, much like waking up early to exercise when all you want to do is stay in bed.

When those days, weeks, months come, I have to remind myself that the inspired writing only happens because I keep writing when I’m uninspired.

The Magic only comes because I get out of bed and do the work when I don’t want to.

Today, why don’t you start something uninspired?



p.s. Here is a short 10 minute meditation I created to help you get in touch with inspiration.

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