Stop the burnout cycle - for women who want to find more joy, meaning and balance in their lives


Imagine this:

It’s a Sunday afternoon.

You’re lying on your couch reading a delicious romance novel [or insert your fave type of book here].

The sun is streaming through the windows, creating a soft warmth inside you.

You feel relaxed and at peace, and are thoroughly looking forward to the week ahead.

But you’re not thinking about the week right now.

Right now you’re just in the moment, enjoying your downtime and appreciating how much space you have in your life for moments like these.

Does that sound ideal?

Maybe you’re not as much of an introvert as I am, and rather than reading a book alone, you’d rather be having a get together with friends, playing soccer with your kids, or hiking with your bestie (dog or human).

No matter what brings you joy and meaning, I’d like you to imagine it’s possible to create more of it in your life.

Much more.

And now can you ask yourself, what’s getting in the way of you having more joy, meaning, and balance in your life?

If your answer is any of the following, then you’re not alone!


The dishes, laundry, the bathroom that needs cleaning…

The neverending to-do list

Grocery shopping and meal planning…again


That powerpoint presentation that you signed up to do and now you’re SO not in the mood to create

Work (did I say that already?)

I hear you! And you’re not wrong.

All of the above and more get in the way of creating more balance in your life.

And honestly?

I think it’s designed that way.

If we had more time for downtime, rest, play, community, self-care, etc….everything would be different.

Keeping us busy, stuck, and burnt out is a tool that stops us from making real change in our lives – and therefore having time to make real change on a societal level as well.

The overwhelm of ALL THE THINGS and a culture of overworking are symptoms, pointing the way to core beliefs in our culture that lead us to burnout over and over.

Beliefs like:

Your worth is dependent on how much you achieve.

Some people are more valuable than others, based on their skin color, size, gender, income, and more.

Rest must be earned.

You have to take care of others’ needs before your own.

Who you are and what you have to give isn’t enough.

If you are a woman who finds herself falling back into overwhelm and burnout time and time again, you’re not alone. Our society has created stories for women that set us up for burnout.

And you can’t self-care, organize, or declutter your way out of this burnout cycle.

As long as you continue to let your life be led by subconscious beliefs (fueled by these societal stories) that don’t truly support you, you’ll keep running up against the wall of burnout.

So what can you do?


Stop the Burnout Cycle is a digital course that will guide you through a process of uncovering the core beliefs that are keeping you in burnout and creating new beliefs that will help you to find more joy, meaning and balance in your life.

Your core beliefs are subconscious beliefs that are playing out in your life. Some of your core beliefs are supporting you. Some aren’t. They all come from your childhood, your family of origin, and the society in which you live.

When you find yourself cycling in and out of burnout, it’s a clear sign that some of your core beliefs aren’t supporting you and need to be upleveled (i.e. released and replaced with core beliefs that actually support the life you desire).

Stop the Burnout Cycle includes:

A 25 page PDF workbook with a 5 step technique for upleveling your core beliefs, troubleshooting for when you feel stuck in a specific belief, and optional audio for those who prefer to listen instead of read

A self-hypnosis recording that you can listen to whenever you feel stuck and need to release an old belief on a deeper level

Video demonstrations of specific techniques for visual learners

Stop the Burnout Cycle is designed to help you truly change your core beliefs so that you can start living in a way that feels more meaningful, more joyful, and way more balanced.


$49 Get it here!

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