The Overnight Success

Success, when it comes, can come so quickly that to the outside world it looks like magic or just plain luck.

You might look like an overnight success at whatever it is you have finally begun to achieve.

And even to yourself it might feel miraculous how easily your desires now come to you.

Yet I beg you not to forget what  the outside world doesn’t know.

They don’t know how many hours you’ve spent training, studying, and practicing.

They don’t know all the lessons you’ve learned along the way that now sit quietly in your back pocket, silent reminders of how far you’ve come.

They don’t know about the sleepless nights, wondering if you’d ever get there.

And they don’t know how many failures came before this success, failures that only now make sense to you.

When you finally get to the top of that mountain you’ve been climbing for so long and people come to you and ask how you climbed it so quickly and easily, remind them that it was only the last bit that was easy. It was only the last bit that was a simple hike along even ground. The rest was steep and treacherous and filled with holes.

Remind them that when they get to the top of their mountain, it will also look easy on the outside.

And remind them…

And remind yourself…

It wasn’t.



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