Trust your gut. Break the rules. 


Trust your gut, break the rules, and be brave enough to pursue your dreams.

This is the tagline for Michael Knouse’s podcast, The Startup Sessions. I have been listening to his podcast for months, ever since my friend, the gluten-free baker Kyra Bussanich was on his show and shared the link to her interview.

Michael interviews entrepreneurs about the backstory that doesn’t always make the headlines. And since I’ve somehow become an entrepreneur, I find it fascinating.

And this week, I got to be interviewed by Michael, which was on my goals list for 2016!! The story of how I ended up on his show is something I think you’ll want to hear. Because it’s about owning up to your own power in this world and recognizing that we’re all equals at the end of the day.

You can listen to my episode HERE.



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