Use Your Intuition to Find Your Healthiest Diet (Guided Meditation)

I have tried every possible diet over the years. 

Paleo. Raw. Autoimmune paleo. Low-amine. The list goes on…

Today, I eat gluten free and mostly dairy free. This is how I feel best.

After years of searching for someone to give me the answer, I’ve realized that my body knows the answers better than any health guru could.

So today, I’ve created a short meditation for you to help you tune into your subconscious and ask your body what it needs to feel its healthiest. You can watch the video here, which I recorded via Facebook Live. You don’t need a Facebook account to access the video though. Simply click here.

Afterwards, write down what your body wants right now and make time this week to hop over to the grocery store so you’ll have those foods on hands.



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