When Things Fall Away

Have you noticed that there’s been a falling away of things we no longer need?

I have spent the past year actively decluttering my home, business, and life, and now I find that the universe seems to be doing the decluttering for me.

And yet it is not just a falling away of things that no longer serve…it is a falling away of things that we think we want but that the universe thinks otherwise.

The universe is telling us that what we think we want is not actually what we need.

It’s left me with a feeling of confusion and the question, “What are you trying to tell me?”

My friend asked that very question this morning as yet another client cancelled for her workshop and she was left to wonder, “Is this no longer my path?”

When Things Fall Away

I don’t have a profound answer for those of you who are also experiencing this falling away except to say that I see it everywhere right now and it seems to be the universe’s way of helping you get ready for that next step in your life.

And to say that when I get quiet the answer that comes to me is that I must stay grounded in my own personal power, which for me means doing a spiritual practice of meditation and movement and which for you might mean something else.

I do know that the pieces will continue to fall away as needed and you have very little control over that. All you can control is your own practice of coming back to your center and approaching life from that place.

At least then when things fall away you will remain steadfast.


p.s. Enjoy this guided meditation for decluttering your life.

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