Where is the ease in this?

Yesterday was one of those mornings.

The kind of morning where everything was off.

My 3 year old was a wreck. I was trying to start off my Monday with yoga and meditation before doing some work (didn’t happen). My partner and I got mad at each other because we were both stressed out by the crying and whining blob on the floor (yes, I just called my kid a blob).

After making sure everyone was set, I grabbed my computer and phone, ran out the door and drove to Starbucks so I could work. Then instead of going inside I sat in the parking lot and cried, knowing that I couldn’t work well when I was filled with repressed tears/fears/anxieties.

After a while I settled down and tried to think of affirmations to counter the negative thoughts that come so easily to my anxious mind. Nothing felt right until I thought of this one that’s on my vision board: I release the need to struggle and invite in ease.

Every time I said it, I released a breath I didn’t even know I was holding.

Sitting in my car in the parking lot of Starbucks, I repeated the affirmation to myself over and over and took deep cleansing breaths until my mind started to calm.

Then I asked myself, “Where is the ease in this?”

The ease was walking inside and finding a seat, then starting to work.

I had literally twenty minutes to work at that point because I’d spent so much time crying but in that moment of looking for ease, I finally figured out something I had been stuck on. I got more done in those twenty minutes than I’ve accomplished in weeks.

All day I kept asking myself that question, “Where is the ease in this?”

I didn’t always have an answer but sometimes all I needed was that reminder to exhale.

Sometimes just exhaling was enough.


p.s. If you need a little help exhaling this week, try this 10 minute meditation: Meditation for Releasing Emotions (Create Calm, Joyful Energy).

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