Why do hard things?

I was hiking with a friend recently and telling her about the virtual workshop I’m planning, a spiritual workshop for women, to talk about race, politics, and other things that are divisive in our country right now.

My friend asked why I was actively doing something so hard, something where I would be attracting the anger of opposing beliefs towards me.

My answer?

I just feel like I have to. 

Honestly, I have been thinking about this idea for over a year. I’ve struggled with the desire to bring into being something that feels necessary right now but also the fear of doing something completely new and scary.

My vision board has affirmations all over it. One of them is: I release the need to struggle and invite in ease.

Earlier this year I put away the idea of this workshop because it felt like struggle. It felt like the opposite of my affirmation and it made me anxious.

But it wouldn’t go away. It was always there, every time something else exploded in the news or an article about race came across my Facebook newsfeed (which is pretty much daily because Facebook feeds you what you’re interested in).

Finally I decided I had no choice but to listen to the idea that wouldn’t go away and simply do it. My spirit guides told me that when it is your calling to do something, you can’t fail as long as you act. That you have been chosen for a reason and so as long as you try, even if the outcome isn’t what you hope it to be, you’ll have succeeded because you’re the only one who can do what your guides need in just the way you can do it.

And so I decided to release the struggle of whether to hold this workshop or not.

I decided to invite in ease to this workshop and go into it the same way I go into my Goldilocks workshops – trusting my intuition and that whatever happens will be as it should.

Why do hard things?

Because sometimes your soul won’t let you not do hard things.

But I’m learning that I can still do those things with ease. That fear and anxiety and worry don’t have to be constant companions with the work.

Hard things can be friends with ease, with deep breaths and trust and intuition. And then I guess – maybe, hopefully – in the end they’re not so hard.



p.s. Try my latest meditation: New Year, New You (Invite in Ease, Joy, Optimism, Unconditional Self-Love).

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