Work with me

and I’ll help you unlearn the old stories that are holding you back,

and step into new stories,

that will allow you to thrive.


For women who are ready to let go of the internal stories holding them back from truly creating health, happiness and success in their lives.

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Coaching for Burnout

Feeling exhausted and so…over…it? I’ve collaborated with coaches in different modalities to create mini-coaching packages for life, relationship, and/or career burnout.

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Walk and Coach Power Hour

For the multitasker who wants to feel good in your body and mind but only has so much time for self-care. Now you can exercise and get coached at the same time: Spend an hour with me getting laser clear on the steps you need to take to let go of old patterns while walking on your treadmill or around the neighborhood. It’s like a virtual walking date.

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Goldilocks Self-Care Toolbox

Sign up for my members-only website, filled with guided meditations and courses to help you practice self-care in the way that’s “just right” for you.

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