You Can’t Outlogic Fear: A Visualization Technique for Releasing Fear

There is a lot of fear in the world right now.

You feel it. I feel it. We all feel it.

There’s a collective fear and there’s also the fear each one of us holds inside us.

Some of this fear is rational.

For instance, as a woman it makes sense to be afraid of walking alone at night in a dark area.

But some fears are not rational. Some fears are just old wounds holding on.

And those fears…I’m sorry to say…you can’t “outlogic.”

When you’re in that state, afraid to go on stage or take a risk in your business or dive completely into love, your fear becomes all powerful.

And you can analyze that fear to death but it doesn’t matter how much you tell that fear it’s being ridiculous.

Fear does not care about logic.

Fear cares about protecting you.

So what can you do when you know your fears are unfounded but you are still terrified?

One of the techniques I use in my work is to bring my clients back to the first time they ever felt that type of fear in their bodies. When you can go back and release the emotional trauma that’s still lingering from the initial fear provoking episode, the current fear loosens its hold.

Try this Visualization Exercise:

Take a few deep breaths and bring to mind the current situation that’s scaring you. Feel it in your body. Really allow that fear in. Then ask yourself what was the FIRST time you ever felt that feeling in your body. A memory might come to mind quickly or you might have to think a bit before something comes up, but I want you to stick with whatever memory comes to you first. It may not actually be the first memory but if it’s the one your subconscious is bringing to mind, it is there for a reason.

Now I want you to go back over that memory and remember what you were feeling then. Ask yourself what the younger you in that memory needed. Comfort? Acknowledgement? Love? If you were to go back in time and act as a guide for that younger you, what would you tell yourself?

Stick with this visualization until you feel like the younger you has gotten everything you needed to feel okay, and then bring yourself back to the current moment.

Once again feel the current fear in your body and notice if it feels any different. It’s okay if it doesn’t. Just notice. Try this visualization a few times and just see how it feels.

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