You don’t have to be busy to be worthy.

Sarah is a new client of mine who wants help with the idea of starting her own business. After years of working for someone else, she is ready to be her own boss. Of course, like many entrepreneurs, she has 10,000 exciting business ideas and not a lot of clarity on which ideas she should pursue.

Today, I led Sarah through a hypnotherapy session in which we met with some of her spirit guides to get their advice. Here’s what they told her:

You need to slow down and take time for yourself to do NOTHING. You need to practice being in a  state where you believe that you’re enough and you don’t have to constantly be doing something in order to be worthy. Only when you truly believe that can you move forward with creating a business. 

I feel that this message is so important for all of us, no matter what your career goals are. A business that’s created from a place of “fear of not being enough” will always have that frenetic energy. But a business that’s created from a place of worthiness will feel exciting, expansive, and calming.

The same holds true for all of life. When you live your life from a place of “being enough,” you will make choices from that space, and you will naturally choose what feels right, what feels calming, what feels like you.

So my client’s homework this week, and my homework for you is this: 

Schedule in time to do something unproductive this week, like watching a fun TV show (Orange is the New Black anyone?), reading a delicious book (I always recommend Outlander), or lying on the couch with wine and chocolate dipped strawberries (because you deserve to treat yourself like a hot date).

Don’t allow guilt in. Or laundry. You are forbidden from doing laundry while watching TV. That defeats the point.

Truly give yourself time off.

You don’t have to be busy to be worthy.



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