You never know who needs you. 


This year, I created a free New Year Creativity + Intuition Challenge. There were 5 simple exercises to help guide you in this new year, one of them being to create a word of the year.

After seeing all of the chosen words, it only made sense to me that I should take 12 of those words and create mini-challenges for my Goldilocks members, one for each month of this year.

February’s word is BALANCE. I created a super short workbook with some important questions and a 15 minute meditation to go along with it. I finished the meditation yesterday morning. This morning, I logged onto Facebook and saw that yesterday afternoon one of my friends had messaged me asking if I had a guided meditation that would help her specifically with staying balanced.

Balance, you say? Why yes, yes I do!

I immediately sent her the meditation I had created just hours before she wrote to me.

And the funny thing is that I created that meditation with one of my Goldilocks members in mind. The member who had chosen it for her word. But when this member and I talked – also yesterday – I could tell that she was so wonderfully in balance, so massively in her power, so at peace with her current life situation, that although the mini-challenge was created with her in mind, she probably wasn’t the person who needed it the most at that time.

And the person who did need it presented herself as soon as I created it.

So if there’s something that you’ve been thinking about doing, creating, or acting upon, keep in mind that there might be someone out there who is just waiting for what you have to offer. There might be someone who needs exactly what you have to give. So whatever that thing is…GO DO IT.


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