Your destiny will follow you.

There is this deep fear within most of us that we will miss out on our destiny.

We look back and wonder if we took the right path, if we made the best choices.

And we look forward and wonder, “Did I miss it?”


Destiny. The one big thing we came here to do.

What if we missed our chance? What if we look back with regret that we were too scared…too cautious…too busy…too foolish…to take the leap when we should have?

Here’s the thing: Your destiny will follow you wherever you go.

I have this friend – and if she’s reading this, she knows who she is – and this friend has a natural talent for singing and connecting. I don’t know exactly what she’s supposed to do with that talent, but I know she’s supposed to sing and her voice is meant to help people connect…to each other, to themselves, to the world…

But my friend is like most of us. Throwing yourself one hundred percent into your passion is terrifying, and she has a tendency to get her feet wet…and then jump back.

I’ve watched her for years and I can tell you this.

Her destiny follows her wherever she goes.

Sometimes when an opportunity comes her way, I know she wants to say yes but something in her holds back. And so along with that fear of jumping all in is the fear that she’s missing out on her Big Chance.

But I told my friend once, and I’m telling you the same thing now: Your destiny will always chase you, and if you say no to an opportunity, another one will pop up. And another one. And another one. Your destiny will chase you until you let it catch you.

I’ve seen it happen with my friend, and I’ve seen it in my own life. The opportunities to meet your destiny keep arriving, no matter how many side roads and u-turns you take.

Because that’s why you’re here. To do that one big thing you came here to do. Whether you know what that thing is or not.

So if you’re sitting there thinking, “I missed my chance. My time has passed…” Think again. Your destiny is chasing you even as you sit there. Send a prayer out to the universe, and if you are ready, ask for an opportunity to come your way.

It will.

And if you’re not ready, send a prayer out to the universe to ask for the courage to be ready.

Your destiny will follow you.

p.s. Try this meditation to help you send a prayer out into the universe while asking your spirit guide for some help:

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